“Nic's professionalism has pleased us and our clients many times.  He's positive, conscientious and great at endorsement.  We've happily cast him in commercials, industrials and print campaigns.”

Scott Goodhue – Owner, Taylor Royall Casting Agency


“I directed Nic Detorie on a fun period piece for America's Most Wanted and he was a pleasure to work with. While is acting skills are apparent, what sets him apart is the enthusiasm he brings to his craft and his role. It's always great working with a professional who truly enjoys what he does and that's exactly what Nic is.”

Evan Marshall - Director


"Nic is a joy to work with. Strong skills, great work ethic, prompt, prepared, and professional. I look forward to working with him again soon."

Rob Harari – Production Lead, BIS Creative Media


“In the several years of having Nic with my agency, I have been more than impressed with his professionalism, talent and dependability.  He is a sure fit for a variety of castings, as he has many faces and personalities of characters all delivered with pin point accuracy on film and in print and is constantly in demand for repeat roles with my clients. Nic is also a personable, poised spokesman or promotional model for live events. You are doing yourself a favor by adding Nic Detorie to your agency or casting as he is the full package.”

Jill Roach – Director, Model & Talent Management


“Nic Detorie is a very talented actor and commercial model. Even more importantly he is just the type of person people love to hire and work with. Nic is extremely professional and will make life very easy for any director, photographer or art/creative director.”

Aaron Marcus – America’s Premier Acting & Modeling Career Coach and Author of ‘How to Become a Successful Actor and Model’


“Working with Nic is wonderful. He has skill and a passion for acting. He worked hard to get his character right in our film, Geographically Desirable. I hope we can work together again.”

Mike Kravinsky – Writer/Director, Geographically Desirable Movie


“Nic Detorie has been working with our company as an independent contractor for the past 3 years.  He is a very talented actor and performer, and the variety of characters he can portray seems almost endless.  For example, he has portrayed the following characters for us: Indiana Jones, Luke Skywalker, Emcee, Robot, Spy, Toy Soldier, Paparazzi, Storm Trooper, Gangster, Pirate, Jester, Canadian Mountie, Living Statues (various), Scarecrow, Ironman, Spiderman, Secret Service Agent, Zombie, and many more!  He quickly became one of our favorite performers not only because of his talent, but because he's an absolute pleasure to work with.  He is always pleasant and appreciative and helpful above and beyond his specific assignment.  We would highly recommend him for any talent role, for live events, our specialty, or for print work, and other media.  Two thumbs up for Nic Detorie!”

Jan Kearney - Owner, Cast of Thousands Entertainment Co.


"Working with Nic was an absolute pleasure! He amazed me with his ability to memorize large paragraphs of technical jargon and deliver it in very personal and professional way. He also impressed me with his wide range of character and voice. I look forward to working with him again!"

Chris Logan Harley - Director/DP


“I hired Nic to work as our lead on a series of commercials for a financial institution in 2013 and 2014. I have shot and directed over 200 commercials and thousands of videos in my career of over 20 years in the production industry. Working with Nic was a pleasure as I could rely on him to be on his mark, pay attention, and bring something greater to the role than was on the page. Nic’s talent stands out.  He was very professional and easy to work with on set and during the hiring process.  He was an asset to our production. He took direction well and was able to immediately incorporate it into his performance.  I would not hesitate to call on Nic Detorie’s talents again in the future or recommend him as an actor.”

Anthony Miles – Owner, 4th Wall Television, Video & Film Production


“I've cast Nic for a number of broadcast commercials and corporate training video projects - and will continue to - because he is always on set early, prepared, and delivers excellent performances. He's comfortable and natural reading from a teleprompter or from memorized lines. Nic is quick to adapt to script changes on-set, and he is just a great actor to work with!”

Jason Allen – Executive Producer, US Army SHARP PSAs


"For producing a television commercial, we discovered that Nic was so talented, professional and personable that we continued to use him in several more commercials.  In addition, his role developed into print, billboards and even a website video walk-on to introduce a new mobile app for Patriot Federal Credit Union.  Nic takes direction really well and is willing to try different approaches to produce the most engaging persona in every role. Thanks, Nic, for making my agency look good!"

Nicolette Lemmon – President, Lemmon Tree Marketing


"I've produced several projects with Nic, including a crime series for Investigation Discovery and a Department of Defense commercial, where I've personally sought him out to be a lead in my cast. He's such a professional at his craft and I can always trust what he'll bring to the screen. Nic will always be at the top of my list for actors to work with in the Washington DC area."

Shelaney Campbell - Film & Television Producer


“Working together with Nic was one of my best experiences in my entire career as a host. Nic is so professional and easygoing that it does not feel like working. To have him as a hosting partner is the best thing that could happen to anyone.”

Anneke Durkopp – Television Personality/German Weather Newscaster


“I hired Nic for my web series and his talent and easy-going temperament made him a pleasure to work with. His improv skills took scenes and dialogue to an even more hilarious level than what was written on the page, and as a director I appreciated his ability to take direction. If I ever cast another project, Nic will definitely be in my project!”

Allison Howard – Director, Casting Associate & Actress


“We hired Nic for a very important new product presentation at our largest industry trade show in America. Not knowing how quickly he could understand the complexity of our industry and all the features and benefits of our new product he was supposed to present, he simply wowed us from the very beginning. His passion, professionalism, attention to details, as well as dedication to perfection just made it very easy to work with him. Nic became a member of the team within minutes, not days, and that made the whole show a fun experience which ultimately led to a successful product introduction for Kennametal. I hope we'll work together anytime near soon."

Carsten Gromoll - Senior Marketing Manager, Kennametal

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